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Lint PHP files in parallel

One of the quickest and minimal code quality checks in software development is a simple syntax check. In case of PHP we have php -l <path/to/file.php>, nothing smart, nothing fancy.

In case of check automation or continuous integration you even may use Phing task PhpLintTask – runs perfectly and fails build f someone occasionally commits code with syntax errors.

But if you have many files, many CPU cores and fast enough disk – you can lint your PHP files in parallel with PHP Parallel Lint. I’ve tried this tool today and it runs twice faster than standard Phing task using serial approach.

New Oracle VirtualBox release – 5.1

Tool I use, VirtualBox, has a new version released 5.1. If you are new to this tool – Oracle has an announcement Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.1.0 is now available!, but for me it has two most important changes: Improved Performance and Improved Linux integration. I hope VirtualBox will be much faster now.

Release is out there in repository, just type sudo apt-get install virtualbox-5.1 and upgrade if you can. Because I can’t – another tool, Vagrant, that depends on VirtualBox, stops working. Issue Support Virtualbox 5.1 #7411 is already closed, but there is no stable version release with that patch. for now So I’ll wait until Vagrant 1.8.5 released.