It’s O.K. It’s a tiny change!

It’s O.K. It’s an appearance update and WordPress upgrade.

It takes a year to write here something, at least so short as this post. Most of blog-post become irrelevant in matter of weeks – while you find time to write them and distil the idea, so they die in agony somewhere in Trash or Google Drive/Docs. Oh, and we have Micro-blogging and Social Networks around as time killers…

It takes four years ( damn, time goes fast o_O ) to find time and update WordPress on this blog. Glad WordPress is still alive and became better with version 3.x It was never so easy to make order in this chaos.

I’ve removed some old texts in Russian about Apache and PHP installs, and something else – irrelevant old stuff.

Now I need cool photo for the website’s header (I don’t have such even on my Facebook :-D ). Hope to find one until the end of the year ;-)

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